Castello Lagravinese

Sharing a passion for design and fashion in 2008 Alessandro Castello and Maria Antonietta Lagravinese created the brand Onlymited featuring a collection of limited edition pieces inspired by the world of fashion. From this experience it was born Castello Lagravinese Studio: they collaborated as designers and art-directors with important companies in the world of contemporary and luxury furniture, creating products and collections, clearly tailoring inspired and combined with meticulous attention to detail. Curious to every aspect of the design, they acquired a great experience in product design, graphic design, set design and interior design. In their work, they do not limit to the design of individual product, but they love to build a world around it, made of images, accessories, details, atmosphere and everything that contributes to the strength of a brand. As art directors they collaborate with several Companies in the creation of new brands, ranging from a study of the concept, the logo and the corporate image, the creation of catalogues and advertising images, the choice of finishes and fabric samples, the design of exhibition stands and corner in the world, taking care of the realization in every detail, from architecture to lighting and styling.

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