Ezio Didone per DAM

Ezio Didone was born in Milan on 21/08/1939.
He graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic in 1967, with a thesis in Industrial Design. He spent the first years of his professional activity in the architect Frattini’s office as a collaborator. In 1970 he opened his own studio in Milan, dealing with Industrial Design, graphic design and architecture. From 1971 to 1975 he was part of the DAM group (Designers Associati Milano) with Studio G.14 and the architect A. Colombi, signing various ideological and programmatic manifestos on design and organizing a large exhibition of the group’s products in Milan at the Center Domus. He designs and manufactures lamps, handles, furnishing objects, household items, cutlery, upholstered furniture, chairs, tables, furniture, fabrics, electronic products, technical lamps and technical equipment for hospitals, for the most important companies in the sector. Receives the following awards: plaque of honor with gold medal at the Abet Print Competition for the wardrobe (1968), diploma of merit Saint Gobain Competition for objects made with the use of the Parsol Amber Crystal (1976), diploma of merit Institute of Business Designers Design Award for the Diva lamp produced by Arteluce Flos (1987). In 1985 he was selected by ADI for the Compasso d’Oro with the Desk model for operating lamp produced by Arteluce Flos. In 2004 he was reported by ADI for the Compasso d’Oro with the New Three Stars ophthalmic unit produced by Frastema. He also designed private homes, shops, public places and corporate offices throughout Italy and abroad.

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