Giacomo Moor

From conceiving experimental collections to producing custom-made kitchens, bookshelves and furniture, designer Giacomo Moor converges in his practice the duality between design and production. In his workshop in Milano Moor materializes and refines ideas: he designs products for companies, creates limited editions for design galleries and he produces one of a kind pieces for private clients, supervising the entire process. Always straining to improve his woodworking techniques Moor merges the rigor and precision of a designer to the hands-on sensibility of a carpenter, articulating his practice in three areas of action.
The Limited collections, conceived for art-design galleries, where his personal research and experimentation materializes into limited editions and unique pieces are alternated to Industrial products, designed for the international market, where thanks to technical and aesthetical skills, he offers decisive and pragmatic solutions to the product development. Bespoke, core of the Studio Giacomo Moor, is the area where a team of designers and skillful artisans realizes and delivers tailored projects for architects and private clients, carefully monitoring all stages of production from early drawing, to prototypes and final assembly. Giacomo Moor has been nominated Best Young Designer by Elle Decor Italia during EDIDA in 2016 and won BestYoungdesigner Award at Salone del Mobile in the same year. In 2017, he has been awarded Wallpaper Award with Kit del Legnamè.