Marconato & Zappa

1961: Maurizio Marconato born in Cantù.
1963: Terry Zappa born in Cantù.
Both have an artistic and technical background.
From 1981 until 1990 they begin their collaboration with craftsmen and industries, developing a self-taught approach to design.
1986: both partners attain degrees in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, both with honours.
1987/1990: individual professional carreers.
1991: studio Marconato & Zappa Architetti Associati with main office in Cantù is founded.
Their professional activity begins early on, during their student years: from the early 80s they begin to work in the field of design, creating products for many companies manufacturing products for offices and homes and being responsible for the production process from design phase and production to presentation on the market, coordinating company image via photographs, graphics, publicity and exhibitions. After having attained their degrees in Architecture, they practice as free lance professionals in construction, specializing in refurbishment and restoration of buildings, developing projects free from rigid standards. But their main fascination has always been in the way people live and use the spaces around them, and how they interact with furniture and objects. They now turn their attention to these spaces and the items in them symbiotically designing one for the other. They custom design unique items purposefully thought of to complete interior design, made by master craftsmen and they handle all aspects of the production. They continue as interior designers for types including residential, hotels, exhibition areas and shops, private and business sectors, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to their artistic background, they have always been greatly interested in art and images, and have realized several personal projects involving video, photography, street art and world culture. They travel extensively in Italy and the world, both for work and pleasure, cultivating their passions and finding inspiration in the cultures and ways of life they come across.

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