Sung Sook Kim

Product Designer, creative art director, space designer. Born and studied in Korea she currently lives and works in Milan, Italy. In 2002 she started her own design firm, after working several years with Piero Lissoni Associati in Milan and Frank Gehry in Santa Monica, USA. Her main fields are concerning Industrial design, Architecture, Exhibition design, Retail design for fashion brands, private houses in Europe and Korea. Her clients include: Cassina, Matteograssi, Pamar, Euromobil, Emmebi, Orrizzonti, Omnidecor, Fasem, Enrico Pellizzoni, Iren uffici, Decotec, Mariella Rosati, N30 Via della Spiga boutique, Ekaterinbug Potrovsky Passage mall, Anneclaire ,family restaurant Pacific milano, Tutto vetro, Firetrap, Piazza Sempione, Sergio Rossi, Mantero Seta Spa, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung fashion company.

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