Umberto Asnago

Umberto Asnago (1949), graduated from the Art Institute of Cantù, begins his experience with the designer of Giorgetti SpA in 1968, company where he subsequently took the direction of the Research Centre. In 2006 he left Giorgetti and began his career as a designer, combining the art director for Penta lighting. In 2011 restarts to cooperate with Giorgetti as a designer, besides he works with Arflex, Gruppo Industriale Busnelli, Medea lifestyle, Ivano redaelli, I 4 Mariani and Porada. He also prepares exhibitions and shops in Italy as well as around the world. The experience gained over the years, working with different kinds of companies and with well-known architects and cultural figures, makes Umberto Asnago a character suited to deal professionally with the constant changes that characterize the furniture sector.

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