Bohemien, modern reinterpretation of an antique charme in which the cover, softly falls across the external frame of the structure, combining the experimentation of the design of the shapes with the taste of a sophisticated decoration, clear expression of the elevated know how of the company matured during the years; research, experimentation of new materials and use of new constructive techniques have indeed allowed to obtained a soft and embracing seat in capitonné, result of a long work of preparation and construction, entirely hand made. The Bohemien collection is composed of armchair, long chair, chair, pouf and bench, capable of furnishing entire environments offering a pleasant sensation of warm welcoming, ideal for living environments but also in contract spaces. The structure is in solid wood, multilayer and agglomerated wood. Spring system of the seat and backrest is made of elastic belts. The padding is in C.F.C.-free, non-deformable polyurethane foam in differentiated density covered with a layer of 100% polyester fiber. The feet are in shaped wood. Available in two heights. Non removable covers.
Technology Busnelli_Lab

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