The interpretation of the sideboard on its purest shape: a container for the living area in which the design of the structure and the feet are reduced to the minimum, conferring the object an image of absolutely lightness. The compactness of the storage contrasts the slenderness of the feet, wooden or Shadow finish, that lifts it from the floor and projecting it on the sides. Available in different configurations, it adapts to every type of environment. Rigorous and essential when the sliding coplanar doors become clean surfaces, maintaining the design of the product to its most essential geometry; young and fresh when the vertical scan of the hinged doors give to the product a carefree and contemporaneous aspect; refined and elegant when it is chosen the version with integrated drawers and flap door. The finish of the structure in wood, matt or glossy, repeats inside the container, conferring to the product a pleasant aesthetical continuity and witnessing the extreme quality and care of the details typical of the Busnelli products. The feet are available in wood or in Shadow finish. The internal shelves are in transparent glass. Materials as per finishing data sheet.
Technology Busnelli_Lab

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