Storage Unit Ladin

Giacomo Moor expresses his ebanistic sensitivity by designing a collection of containers characterized by the complex construction and a refined contrast of materials and colors, declined between the inside and outside of the product. The distinctive metal profile, supports the furniture and defines the space of action of the moving components. In the low sideboard, the wooden and lacquered parts alternate by changing the visual sequences with the horizontal movement of the sliding door (ladin in “Milanese”, Milan slang) wrapping the piece of furniture. The horizontal movement reveals on the upper deck a practical compartment designed to hold bottles and glasses, as well as a functional painted aluminum service tray. In the high sideboard, the doors reveal contrasting interiors, equipped with precise horizontal shelves. Low and high Sideboards are also available entirely with wood veneer, keeping intact the play of contrasts between the inside (oak) and exterior, thanks to the various essences available. Container structure, hinged and sliding doors made of medium-density wood fiber panel and panels in wood particles. Side containers joined to 45 degrees, hinged and sliding doors, in lacquered or veneered finish as per material card. Central container for low sideboard with 14 mm thick structure and 45-degree drawer, in veneered finish as per material card. Drawer for low sideboard with decelerated closing system and pushand- pull opening, full extension. Hinged doors with hinges specially designed for a 180-degree opening self-closing. Sliding door with invisible movement and decellerated opening and closing system. Base in lacquered metal in two finishes with adjustable concealed levelers. Materials as shown in the details.
Technology Busnelli_Lab

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