Keel is a table of an elegant and essential design, combined between the perfect synthesis of contrast elements: the top, in wood or marble, characterized by a thin thickness, seems to float on the solid oak wooden legs, of soft and flared, positioned over the perimetral top. A volumetrically important object that maintains an aerial and light aspect. Available in different fixed dimensions, expresses at its best the craftsmanship and quality of the technology Busnelli, in the extendable version, thanks to the innovative and unusual way in which it has been conceived the extension; In base to the desired length a series of tops of round shape are placed, which are kept apart and integrated to the surface of the table, refined by rounded angles that create an interesting decorative pattern. Varnished metal frame support varnished in dark brown color. Marble top thickness 15 mm. Wooden top thickness 20 mm. Materials as per finishing data sheet.
Technology Busnelli_Lab.

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